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1 unit USG DP10 Mindray dengan 1 unit probe Convex. 
Bonus 1 unit Stavolt 1000 watt

Product Detail
Ergonomic design with extreme mobility
. 12.1’ LED monitor with 30 degree tilting function
. User friendly control panel with backlit, silicon keyboard
. Light and compact design for extreme portability

Diagnostic confidence and wide clinical applications
. Full digital technology
. IP (image process) for fast image optimization
. 8-TGC assuring accurate image control
. A broad range of transducers for obstetrics, gynecology, abdomen, urology, small parts, orthopedics and pediatrics applications

Improve efficiency by optimizing the workflow
. Fast boot-up within 20s
. User-defined keys to define personalized operations
. One key images or cines saved to local disk or USB

Standard Configuration:
. 12.1-inch LED monitor
. One transducer connector
. Control Panel
. Handle
. Indicators: Power/Battery/Standby/HDD status
. I/O Interfaces
. 2 USB ports
. 1 VGA OUT port
. 1 Video OUT
. 1 S-Video OUT
. Measurement & Calculation software packages

. Second transducer connector
. DICOM 3.0: Image storage and printing
. Footswitch
. Mobile trolley: UMT-110
. Carrying Case
. Keyboard dust-proof cover
. Needle-guided brackets

"Untuk detail harga silahkan hubungi dan dapatkan harga spesial untuk anda"
0822.4075.8084 (Bisa Whatsapp) - pin.BB: 5AC1 3CA0

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