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1 unit USG 3D Portablei70 + Printer Laser Warna Canon Selphi
1unit probe Convex + Bonus 1 unit Stavolt 1000 watt

Product Detail
Basic Info

- Model NO.: zoncare-i70
- Classification: Imaging Diagnostic Equipment
- Type: Ultrasound Scanner
- Export Markets: Global

Product Description
- 12 inch flickerless LCD monitor with 90 degree adjustable angle.
- Double probe connectors, probe auto-freeze protection.
- Build-in lithium battery supports, more than 1.5 hours continues work.
- Compact and streamlined design weighing 6.5kg.
- Double USB ports.
- Build-in storage can store more than 1000 frame images.
- Support laser printer to print the generated reports.
- 8 pseudo-colors.
- Optimization key: Multi-parameters preset and one key image optimization.
- Tissue harmonic imaging.
- 3D/4D imaging.
- Analysis report with image and comment: Cardiology, Obstetrics, Urology, Abdomen, Gynecology, Orthopedic,
- Blood vessel and small parts.
- DICOM3.0 supported.
- Data port: Video, S-video, RS-232, VGA.
- Probe supported: Convex, linear, trans-vaginal, micro-convex, 4D volumetric.

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