Harga USG & Jual Alat USG 2 Dimensi, 3 Dimensi dan 4 Dimensi Murah hub/ wa:082240758084 - CV. BMI

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Jual USG 2 Dimensi plus 3 Dimensi Portable HY 5533

Spesisikasi USG 2D plus 3D HY 5533 

Display mode: B,B/B,4B,M,B+M

Scanning Mode: Electric convex, Electric linear, Electric micro-convex

Imaging technology: full-digital beam forming, continuous dynamic focusing, dynamic aperture, dynamic apodization, tissue harmonic imaging, digital receiving focusing, 3D reconstruction

Image processing: pre-processing, post-processing, dynamic range, frame correction, line correction, acoustical power adjustment,left/right conversion, up/down conversion, gamma correction

Dynamic range: Continuously adjustable, 30-200dB
Measurement and calculation:
B mode: distance, area/perimeter, volume, angle, fetal growth curve
M mode: heart rate, time, slope, gestational age, estimated date of delivery
Obstetric analysis software, obstetric measurements, a variety of report page, cardiac measurement and calculation software, urinary measurement and calculation software.
Monitor: 12.1 inch monitor VGA
Probe connector: 1, optional 2
Gray Scale: 256
TGC: 8 TGC adjustments
Power supply: dual power supply
Storage function: image storage, cine loop storage, mass storage capacity, measurement result storage, report storage
Cine -loop: max 1024 frames
Output port: AV, HDMI, VGA, USB
Matching Printer: Laser/Video/Inkjet/Thermal printer
Report: Display, storage and print report directly
Work-station: built-in ultrasonic work-station software, IPC of high stability, , DICOM

Standard Configuration
Main unit, 3.5 MHZ multi-frequency convex probe
Multi-frequency 7.5 MHZ linear probe,6.5 MHZ transvaginal probe, 3.5 MHZ micro-convex probe
Laser, video, thermal printer
Foot switch
Ultrasonic work-station
Carrying Bag


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